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Pilates classes in Leicester, Leicestershire and online.

Why Exercise with us?


We are thrilled to be continuing our classes on line. We love being able to connect with each other through Zoom, it has been a joy and has given our lives a little bit of structure. Taking Pilates to the next level with virtual classes has been an education for us all. We are staying strong, supple, breathing relaxing and socially interacting at the same
... time. Pilates mat work is one of the easiest forms of exercise that you can do at home. All you need is a mat and space to lay down.

I am a registered body control pilates teacher and have 20 years experience, I am working hard to bring the clarity, detail and precision I offer in live classes to the virtual world.

Pilates is a form of exercise which has been around for decades. I believe this is simply because it works. The exercises are adapted from the classical exercises that 'Joseph Pilates' originally developed. They focus on the body as a whole and can help improve posture, alignment, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, stamina, concentration, relaxation, breathing, ease of movement.

Everyone could and should benefit from Pilates. If you don't do any type of physical activity Pilates is a good place to start, if you prefer aerobic exercise, running or playing sports, Pilates can be done along side to improve performance or to prevent injury, it can aid recovery from injury and teaches body awareness and sound movement patterns. Pilates is the basis of correct and safe movement. It isn't just a set of exercises to copy, it goes way beyond that. It is about changing your body and understanding how it works.
I am a certified Body Control Pilates Teacher
I have 20 years teaching experience
"Body Control Pilates is a registered trademark used under licence"
Insured By: Arthur J Gallagher

Insured By: Arthur J Gallagher
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